Order Your 360 Degree Virtual Tour – South Africa Only!

This is fast becoming the way forward for customers wanting to see what your establishment looks like before they book.

The ultimate visual tool for your business

Decision making often happens when people see something they like, and accommodation being what it is, it makes perfect sense to invest in the final tool that beings it all together for your prospective clients, where they have visually the ability to navigate your premises. It’s a very strong trust building tool because it legitimizes all of your property for all to see.

The 360 panoramic virtual tour brings in an enormous amount of photographic information, all into one panoramic platform, that allows people to make choices based on what they see. Customers can literally step into your venue and be able to take a closer look around, giving them a sense of the ambiance and flavour of what you have to offer. There is no other way to bring this over to your customer besides with a professionally done panoramic tour.

Other major benefits: Coming from organic search results

When a new visitor lands on your page, and your virtual tour captures their attention, they discover your business, and in doing so, they stay on-page for much longer than the average viewer, engagening constantly. This is a very good signal , because the result suggests lower bounce rates, longer time on landing page, higher engagement, and more leads & ultimate those turn into a higher rate of conversions because they were able to verify your business visually.

How do we do Virtual Panoramic Tours?

I wrote an article recently about the process. If you would like an in-depth explanation on our process, please visit below.

If you are interested in having one done, the first step is getting in touch. We then arrange a meeting and discuss our requirements to do the best possible photography on the day. To help speed things up, here is a list of requirements you can prepare or plan before doing a panoramic shoot.

General Guidelines

  • Tidy property – It helps a great deal if the grounds and rooms have been prepped prior to us arriving. If you for example mow the lawns, the panoramic shots look far more professional.
  • Clean windows/glass – The quality of our photography is also increased dramatically when windows. glass and generally glossy items and fixtures have recently been cleaned properly.
  • Lighting all working – It looks great if all light bulbs are turned on per area we are shooting in. If lighting is needed we can bring some along with us.
  • Food and drinks – If you serve food and beverages it would be excellent to have a few items served for us to photograph. We may need to pour a few drinks for visual appeal effect in rooms and outdoor/pool areas.
  • Models – If you would like to feature people in the shoots, we can arrange to have models pose for the day.

Let’s Get Chatting!

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Other Services

Professional Photography

We do photo shoots for products, events and facilities. We believe in going the extra mile, bringing in some creative flare and capturing life like images to compliment your specific needs.

Video Marketing

Videos, much like a virtual tour, keep you visitors on your web page for extended periods of time. Google calls is page stickiness, and this signal is a key part of positioning well in the search engines.

Aerial Photography

We have a qualified drone pilot who will be able to capture still photography as well as high quality 4k/60fps video footage for events or featured areas of your property.

Website Audits

We give away a free high quality website audit for anyone interested in finding out what their website health is. There is no fees attached. Welcome to ask us and we will send that through with recommendations.