Project Description

Project Brief

One of the challenges that faced Umkomaas Lodge reception was the ability to explain what the rooms looked like besides the few photos that were available online. The lodge has 17 rooms in total, varying from backpacker style rooms to plush 4-star sea-facing en-suite rooms. We took 56 panoramas and included the surrounding shops which fall under the Umkomaas Lodge eco-system. This unique place is a traveller and scuba divers paradise.

Getting The Feel

Umkomaas Lodge - Sunset

Subtropical Environment

Umkomaas Lodge - Roadside Greenery

Virtual Tour Conceptual Design

The Hope Shop
The Hope Shop
The Hope Shop

Skills Needed

The quaint curio shop is located in an old wooden building with low ceilings and limited lighting in places. I decided to do multiple shots to test lighting and had to boost lighting post-production. Because the shop comprises of three rooms, it simplified the shoot significantly.

The filming process took an hour. We checklist points including, all lights on, floors are clean, no coffee cups in the shot, etc. The Hope Shop is so beautifully set out, that not much was needed to prepare for our shoot.

The stitching and processing take a couple of days to complete. We then have a working product, ready to be implemented into your website.

Project Planning 20%
Graphic Design 35%
360 Photography 55%
Stitching & Tour Dev. 95%
Product Delivery 100%

Initial Concept Planning

Developing a virtual tour that allows their customers to view the shop from afar with clear panorama photographs of each corner of the shop, with the owners posing, published in at least one of the panorama shots.

Drafts & Revisions

We shot this project twice. The first one was ok-ish but was not bright enough to be able to fix in post-production. The second shoot we raised our ISO to compensate, and with our latest cameras setting we were able to capture a decent version of the shop.

Key Performance Indicator

Since the implementation of their virtual tour we have been monitoring the user behaviour results, and have noticed that users spend a couple minutes exploring. Because it is a fairly small tour, we anticipated that it would not produce an overall average of longer times spent engaging with the tour unless the tour was extended.

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Strong Trust Signal

After working with many different methods of gaining trust online, including videos, mailing lists, social media visibility, etc, there is only one product that gains the most trust in one scoop, and that’s with a virtual tour. The discovering visitor ends up spending 10-20 minutes navigating your establishment’s corridors like a virtual ghost, learning every nook and cranny of your business.

Excellent Results

Google essentially relies on three key indicators from a user monitoring perspective. They measure bounce rates, time on page, and conversions. Our goal is to low your bounce rates, increase time on page, and increase conversions, all in one amazingly simple virtual tour. It really cuts through mists of doubt for new business. Chat to us today and see what we can do for your bounce rate.