Website Finally Launched

Wow we have finally launched this website. Actually, the site is not yet launched at the time of writing this, but we are not far off the day. I would firstly like to thank Terry for partnering and supplying some of the equipment needed to get up and running. It has been a dream of mine to start a 360 panoramic photography business for the last six months and have been slowly but surely getting all the right equipment and software together. We are at that moment now where we are actively looking for our first handful of projects. Got to start somewhere right?

So how did I become interested in 360 panoramas? It all started when a Facebook friend of mine posted a photo of him and his friends who were water skiing in Gauteng. I was quite fascinated with how a person is able to pan through the photograph, see the lady on skis and on the other end, the boat doing the towing with friends on board. It captured my imagination as this was a way cooler method to capture a moment than with a standard photograph.

Six months later, and many YouTube video watching, we finally have got to the point where we have created a few working panoramas and have the right software to be able to build a professional panoramic tour. The result is quite phenomenal and response from friends and family has been resounding. So we are about to dive into the amazing world of panoramic photography! Please like our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel & follow us on Instagram for some interesting visual content as well as interesting stories as we journey along on our adventures around the Western Cape of Southern Africa.

What you can expect to find on our social media channels: