First Professional Virtual Tour

Writing this first blog, after trying testing all sorts of ways to create professional grade virtual tours, it brings me to a precarious point where so much has already happened, yet this is our first one.

After our second photographing attempt we pulled off a very decent product. It allows Umkomaas Lodge the opportunity to showcase every available room throughout their facility. I also went one step further and incorporated the entire building, including the various businesses on the premises.

How Was It Made?

I used a GoPro 7, with its built in HDR facility, it saves a world of time, had we had to have done the stacking process before stitching. Its best to do this type of work on a day without wind because the curtains etc glow around and can interfere with seamless stitching. I made sure each room was standardized (toilet seats down as example) to give the general feeling of consistency throughout the virtual tour. I stitched and built the entire site in 3DVista which allows for way more functionality than what’s on our first tour, but we’ll get there, one panorama at a time.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions, you are welcome to comment below (no spam please).