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Costs? Are there any hidden fees?

We charge for distance travelled and for editing time. These costs vary depending on how you are from Durban and how many panoramas are processed. We generally work off a set fee per panorama of approximately R250 per shot.

Is there a minimum fee?

We have a minimum shoot fee of R3000.00 if we are travelling in KZN. Outside of KZN the fee is R4500.00

Travel Costs

We charge R3.70 per km for all travelling, countrywide. We also always quote from our current location which can vary depending on where we are on a shoot. If we happen to be in your area or closer than the home base, then naturally the cost of travel will be adjusted accordingly. Keep in touch, and make requests to visit your area. If we get enough response from a specific area, this will definitely help with group costing.