I have been an SEO expert for many years and have actually begun a business based on finding clever ways to keep a customer on your home page for as long as possible, with engagement and conversions being the key attributes we want to optimize.

The Solution – A virtual tour

So how about this! A 360 virtual tour sounds like a waste of time right? (Wrong) I mean, why show off my shop? Let me explain something. It’s the best way to gain instant trust based on what they discover. People can literally walk your floors virtually and get a really good visual idea of your shops’ landscape. They are more than certain about what they saw, no words can express the visual discovery they experience. In doing so they might stay as long as anything from 2 minutes to well over 15 minutes, showing it to friends or colleagues, etc.

Improve your visibility with Google, and your customers

The other cool thing is that you can now link your panoramic tour with Google My Business! People can walk into your shop straight from the map location.

It makes perfect sense to embrace a new method of gaining trust, building engagement, and educating your potential client about your brand very early on in the discovery/interest stage.

Verified Feedback – it really works!

One of our clients with whom I have had the pleasure of working with since 2003 (longest client relationship) said that once we uploaded their virtual tour, people started to book specific rooms, based on what they discovered. This put a lot of decision making back into the customer’s hands, who now had the ability to choose and compare each room before booking confidently.

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