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After some thought as to how we want to spread our awareness, we decided why not start where everyone goes, the malls. We all need to eat, so unless you’re off the grid completely. chanced are you will see our promotional signage and adverts lurking around somewhere.

Free for ALL Shopping Centres!

Guys, there is no catch. We really are offering free panorama promotions to shopping centers. This off is currently open for the South Coast of KZN and All of the Durban Metro Area! If we happen to get any inquiries for out further yonder, we will certainly as this to our plan of action. Our initiative should add a lot of visual educational to every mall, helping visitors from afar view their future holiday shopping experience.

I would like to stress however that I am indeed one person at this present moment, but things will change as we gear up to take on more work. Lets put you on the panorama map today. The only thing I charge for is the travel costs which is a set fee set currently at R3.70 per kilometer. This may change over time as fuel prices vary.

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