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Way back in 2015 Google decided to conduct it’s own studies. One of the results revealed that a virtual tour help DOUBLE the interest.

The National Association of Realtors conducted their own analysis and found that 54% of buyers will not look at property unless it has photospheres.

Bookings increased by 67% for a leading hotel after implementing a virtual tour solution where visitors made visual choices.

Visitors stay for 5 x 10 times longer! For engagement that is meaningful and educates your visitor while providing a brilliant user-to-brand experience.

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Why purchase a virtual tour? 

The biggest question any business asks is will it make us money? Will this help convert traffic that otherwise floats through the website everyday, in to qualified business. At the end of the day you want to create engagement. People who discover a virtual tour seem to spend a LOT of time navigating the tour, which takes the viewer from passive mode into curious/discovery mode.

The trust a company can build instantly goes without saying. One instant they had no idea about what your place looked like, or the general layout, but within a couple of minutes can educate themselves visually and give them enough info the make decisions.

The answer is what does a company have to loose? A business spends so much on staff and maintenance etc to keep it’s doors open, surely it makes sense to give prospective customers every chance to identify with your business? The statistics are hard to ignore, and the benefits are quite apparent.

If you had a choice of destination and the one had the option to view the entire property, chances are you’ll book there. That is the bottom line for a lot of travellers. So as a business, the biggest question is do you need one? For what purpose? Will it help your customers make choices?

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